Fangirl Friday: Let's Take a Ride on the Chariot of Damnation

I think this week it just kind of hit me that we are ELEVEN DAYS away from the Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters movie!!!!! Not only have we been getting all sorts of stills, but this past week, we've gotten tons of new TV spots and even CLIPS. My favorite clip that's been released this week has been the Chariot of Damnation with the Gray sisters. Not only is it as funny as I imagined in the book, the special effects look AMAZING.

While the first Percy Jackson movie, The Lightning Thief, was a total bust, I can't help but get excited for it. It's been three years since the first film, so I'm hoping with a new director and screenwriter at the helm, things will be a lot better this time around. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters comes out in theaters on August 7.

What are you guys fangirling over this week?

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